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Maternity Photography in Stockholm

To wait and carry a child is one of the biggest events in life. Your experience of pregnancy and birth is unique. Maternity Photography is an opportunity to capture the beauty of the moment forever.

Beautiful photos from the special time for each parent

Book in time or not

Get in touch and tell us about you and your BF-date and we'll book an interim period. We recommend to book shooting time between weeks 25-35, when the stomach is the best shape, but it is up to each one when it feels best. Often customers to us and feels stressed that the birthday is approaching. Do not stress! Stay calm and positive! We always give priority to the photo sessions for those who are at the end of pregnancy.

What should I wear?

Do not hesitate to choose tight and stretch dresses, which will emphasize the shape of your pregnant belly. Or choose a light and transparent dress. Use your partner's shirt with your own jeans. Match lingerie and negligee. Or choose to show your skin where the only "bra" you have on is your partner's arm. Get inspiration in the Internet, it will give you a good reference for what best to your taste.

After the photo session

All the pictures will be lightly edited before I show them. When it comes to pregnancy photography, some retouching is necessary, and that we do by default. You get a preview link to those photos and get to select those you like in peace and quiet of your home. You decide which images should go through full retouching before they will be sent to you.

You will have the opportunity to buy beautiful framed paintings, Fine Art prints, fine photo book with linen cover and purchase additional high-resolution digital photos if desired.


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